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The ultimate cat deterrent, when you have lost all your garden birds because of a neighbours cat it is frustrating to sit and watch the empty bird feeding station, as the birds find food elsewhere. Over the years there has been many attempts to solve this problem, but one company really took the challenge to heart and produced a top notch deterrent - that really works!

Concept research developed CATwatch specifically to deter cats from bird feeders. The ultrasonic sound frequency used by CATwatch is inaudible to humans and only audible to cats. When a cat enters the range of the sensor, the CATwatch unit emits an unpleasant burst of high frequency sound. The cat soon discovers that the sound is caused by entering the area and will avoid doing so in future. It is as simple as that.

CATwatch is made entirely in the UK and must not be confused with cheap alternatives made in other parts of the world. the UK based manufactures mean that at any time you have access to their helpline in addition to the two year guarantee.

CATwatch is the only cat deterrent tested and approved by the RSPB, this is endorsed by allowing us to use their logo in association with CATwatch. The RSPB tested the device with 150 members in different locations in the UK over a two year period and it proved a positive success in removing cats from gardens and continued to do so long after the two year period of the trial.

The only cat deterrent tested and approved by the RSPB.

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