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Nature's Defense animal repellent

Nature's Defense animal repellent
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Bothered with garden pests?

Nature's defense (it is an American spelling) granules is an organic animal repellent that you can use anywhere in the garden including on plants and it will maintain a level of protection against many domestic and wild animals without causing any harm to them.

Sprinkle the granules over the area you want to protect, the nature's defense granules will create an inert scent barrier and the animals will steer away from the area.

Repels many animals including.

Deer, Rabbit, Squirrel, Mouse, Rat, Mole, Vole, Shrew, Beaver dogs and cats.

Nature's defense granules can be applied down burrows to deter burrowing and tunneling animals.


Conains 22oz (624g) repellent, which is sufficient to cover 3500 square feet.

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