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  • Mr Johnson's Supreme Rabbit Mix

 Mr Johnson's Supreme Rabbit Mix


is a fibrous, nutritious, wholesome blend of steamed flaked peas, cereals, pellets, extrusions and herbs - supplying your rabbit with a tasty, healthy food in a variety of textures to encourage the natural foraging instinct.

Mr Johnson's Supreme Rabbit mix is a complimentary feed for rabbits' and should be fed together with unlimited supply of good quality hay which is an important source of fibre and an essential part of your rabbit's diet. A small quantity of fresh greens should also be fed daily and fresh clean water always available.

If you overfeed your rabbit it will eat selectively, this means it will only eat the favourite ingredients and leave others, this will result in an unbalanced diet and deficient nutrition. To avoid selective feeding, only feed your rabbit twice a day, morning and evening and only feed once the bowl is empty. If you are changing the diet of your rabbit then it is best to do so gradually. mixing in the new food with the existing food and gradually increasing the new food over the course of a week or two.


 Mr Johnson's is part of a family owned business that has been producing animal feeds for over 100 years. This experience has been put to good use in the development of pet foods with unique and tasty recipes that small animals really enjoy. At the same time providing the essential balanced diet for your pet's health and vitality.


Key attributes:-

  • Specially formulated mixture for all rabbits'
  • Contains tasty steam flaked peas.
  • Contains essential fibre to aid digestion and dental condition.
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals.
  • Contains award winnig "Verm-X" herb blend to promote intestinal health.
  • Encourages natural foraging.

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Mr Johnson's Supreme Rabbit Mix

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