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Customer Feedback

My daughter (Mrs J ...........) bought me the daisy wheel and suet balls as a present and I was so delighted that this is my second order for suet balls. Mr G Kelland

G Kelland (May 2011)

Wheat free mix enormous success
My first order of wheat-free seed mix has been an enormous success - the birds eat a lot more of the seed than birdseed from another supplier so a lot less waste. Even my chickens like it! Thanks for an excellent service. Kind regards Sue (Craven Arms)

Sue (May 2011)

Wheat free mix is great
Afternoon David Just placed a second order with you. I'll post back some of the bags when I empty them into our bird food bin. We have had several families of blackbirds, starlings, dunnocks, tree and house sparrows using the garden, with loads of other visitors. The wheat free mix is great, no more wheat growing everywhere. Julie Carmichael

Julie (May 2011)

Excellent customer service
I just want to thank you for all your help with my enquiry. You went out of your way to help me and I appreciated that very much. For anyone reading this - excellent customer service. I, like Arnie says, WILL be back! Kind Regards, Paula

Paula (May 2011)

Lots more birds in my garden
Hi David Since trying your no mess mix, I have seen lots more birds in my garden, I used another supplier for years, but my birds just love your mix. Thank you for your prompt service, (and the free suet balls, so nice to get something for nothing nowdays!) I will stick with you from now on. Kind regards Mrs E Smith

Mrs Smith (May 2011)

Premium mix
Please send some more Premium mix. This is the only food our baby sparrows like ! - customer comment

Customer comment (May 2011)

Easier to handle and store
Hello David Thank you for your excellent service. I particularly like the way you pack the goods as the 5 kg packages are so much easier to handle and store. Kind regards Brenda Shield.

Brenda (May 2011)

Happy with the excellent service
Good morning David I look forward to receiving my order, the birds do love your seed. Since my last order I have seen a larger variety of birds in the garden including 2 Greenfinches and 2 Long Tail Tits. I am very happy with the excellent service that you provide and am so happy that I found you on the website. Sincere Regards Nicola

Nicola (May 2011)

Very pleased with order
Hi David. Thanks for the last order and for the suet balls! Very pleased with first order and already it has attracted 2 new bird types. Bramblings were super, never even seen one before in 57 years!! All the very best..... Mr R Kemp.

Mr R Kemp (May 2011)

Certainly buy again
Dear David I just wanted to say a big thank you for sending the Egg bird feeder so quickly, and between Christmas and New Year too. I am really pleased with it - it's beautiful, and so far the squirrels haven't worked out a way to get to it! I will certainly buy from you again. Many thanks Jo Savage

Jo (May 2011)

Prompt service and quality
Hello David Since putting out your bird seed mix, in feeders and on the ground I have had 4 Jays calling regularly,plus the odd Red Wing and ocasional Starling. both sexes of Blackbirds and Thrushes, both sexes of Robins, plus Bluetits, Sparrows and Wrens. also Magpies and I think Siskins or Dunnocks. So now have an extremely interesting time 'bird watching' from my kitchen window. I also have a large grey squirrel calling for a snack. I also put out a ground mix of sultanas, bread seeds, leftover cat food and crushed peanuts. Many thanks for your prompt service and the quality of your products. Mrs P Lewis-Cook

Mrs P Lewis-Cook (May 2011)

Super fast service
Morning David, I would like to thank you and your team for a super fast service, my order arrived next day. as you said. Thank you again. Kind Regards Chris Kinns

Chris (May 2011)

Service has been excellent
<span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-size: 13px; ">Hi David,your service has been excellent, and many thanks for separating off the invoice from the product it made life much easier. I will certainly be back,M Rawlinson.

M Rawlinson (May 2011)

Fantastic communication
As always, fantastic communication and superfast service. The quality of the bird food is always excellent and extremely good value. Thank you Jenny

Jenny (May 2011)

Superlative service
Hello David Our order arrived today and I'd just like to thank you again for the superlative customer focused service. This is one of the main reasons why we return to your store, but since we started using your feed we have also noticed an increase in our well fed feathered community.We have managed to attract 3 new types of visitor - the Niger worked it's magic and we have several pairs of Goldfinches who now visit.In addition, we now have Greenfinches and a lovely wee community of Yellowhammers.The Chaffinches,Great Tits,Blackbirds,Sparrows,Starlings and the occasional Pheasant remain as regulars.The Swallows manage to keep the Magpies at bay - the aeronautics involved in this are quite spectacular to watch. Couldn't recommend you more,if only every online retailer offered your lovely personal 'extra-mile' service...or maybe not...we'd be broke! Very Best Wishes Susan

Susan (May 2011)

Great saving
I stumbled across your site whilst searching for a cheaper bulk supply of suet pellets. Order sent as £2 per kilo is a great saving and should keep me going for a while, and reusable bags as well! Thank you for the great saving on both counts. Customer contact form

Customer contact form (May 2011)

Quick response, customer service second to none
Hello David Please excuse me for not replying sooner where do the days go ?????????? thank you for your quick response although it was not your fault but the courier the goods arrived as you promised the next day in perfect order. I think your customer service is second to none there are not many firms who would have replaced the whole order so readily I appreciate it and so do the birds !!! Thanks again and I hope you have sorted the problem best wishes Anne

Anne (May 2011)

Very satisfied customer
Hi there, Yes the food arrived safely on Friday - many thanks... our sparrows seem to particularly like the wheat free blend Thanks for sorting out why the web purchases wasn't working for me - I'll amend my account so it all works for my next order All the best (a very satisfied customer!) Leopold

Leopold (May 2011)

Amazing service
Hello David Yes back from my travels and the birds are eating twice as much as usual so thought I had better stock up !!!!!! Your service is just amazing the order arrived this morning you all deserve a gold star I look forward to trying out the new packaging thanks for the freebie!!!!!!!! best wishes Anne

Anne (May 2011)

Fantastic service
What a fantastic service! Well done David and Belinda. Our order arrived by 9am this morning and just before the snow. Put loads out for the feathered friends - including the &;quot;fat pigeons&;quot;, 13 appeared in an instant! but they all need to eat, especially in this weather. Brill too that you included the sunflower head - I liked that touch! We have never used those before and if it is a success we will order some for the tiny birds.Thanks again! Pam

Pam (May 2011)