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Customer Feedback

Delivery to Inverness
Just a note to say thank you for a very impressive service. I arrived home this evening to find my order had been delivered this afternoon. So many companies seem to think Inverness is out in the sticks somewhere and seem incapable of delivering anything quickly. Most would not have been able to deliver until Monday at the earliest, just goes to prove it can be done. Kind regards Fiona

Fiona (February 2012)

Top top condition
Hi David As always brilliant service and everything in tip top condition. I would highly recommend you to anyone and thank you for the extra goodies. I was given one of your Eggs for Christmas 2008 and it is one of the best presents I have ever received it gives me hours of enjoyment. Thanks again

Shona (February 2012)

birds will be well fed here
David, received goods on time as promised and contents exactly as ordered, birds will be well fed here! Will order again when I need to. Many thanks, Bill Barton.

Bill Barton (January 2012)

Impressed with the service
message: Good afternoon David I received my order this morning and have got to say that I am SO impressed with your service! I couldn't wait to put the Winter Seed Mix into my new Ring Pull Feeder! The birds in my garden have been very patient too. I'm so taken with the new feeder that I'm now going to order another one. I've been looking for ages for one that is robust and easy-clean and this is just the job. I've got to say that I have been looking for such a long time for quality bird food. This is absolutely superb and the price is excellent too. Many thanks to you and your team for excellent service and delivery. Regards, Karen Wood

Karen (January 2012)

Speedy delivery
What amazingly speedy delivery. Thank you so much for such service. Our birds are already enjoying a feast. E Heron

Enid (December 2011)

message: Just wanted to say my bird apple feeder arrived today, intime for Christmas...and what a beautiful thing it is! Thank you. Karen

Karen (December 2011)

excellent service
<span style="font-size:10.0pt;font-family:&;quot;Tahoma&;quot;,&;quot;sans-serif&;quot;; mso-fareast-font-family:&;quot;Times New Roman&;quot;;mso-ansi-language:EN-GB;mso-fareast-language: EN-GB;mso-bidi-language:AR-SA">Thank you - it arrived today. Excellent service. Merry Christmas! Pam Pierce

Pam (December 2011)

excellent products
Hi, excellent products, my birds are fighting over the flavoured suet pellets. Superfast delivery. You kindly sent me a free gift of what looks like large dried mushrooms. What do I do with them, do birds feed on them? Best bird food supplier on the net!!

Sylvia (December 2011)

Personal touch
Hi David, Thank you very much, I cannot say how much I appreciate the personal touch that your company portrays. Other companies (big or small) just leave you in the dark as to the situation and very rarely answer emails requesting why a delay (even after 6 weeks)!!! . Don't worry even if the bird table doesn't arrive in time for the christmas, I am sure the larger birds in my garden wont mind, they have been eating off the grass for a many years anyhow a few days more wont hurt them! Merry Christmas to you. Pauline Hammond

Pauline (December 2011)

on time delivery
Hi David and Belinda Thank you very much for my order which was delivered on time yesterday with no spillages or breakages!!! Thanks also for the free gift - I'm sure our birds will love them!! Regards Jan Deaves

Jan Deaves (December 2011)

outstanding ability to react swiftly
Hello Belinda and David, Thank you very much for your kind comments and for your outstanding ability to react swiftly to the order I placed yesterday morning. I can confirm that the goods arrived safely today. With many thanks for all your help and efficiency! Kind regards, Mike

Mike (November 2011)

prompt a safe delivery
Hi Just to say thank you for the prompt and safe delivery of my order which arrived on Tuesday as promised. The new squirrel-proof fatball feeder is keeping undesirables off the fatballs and thank you for the free sunflower heads which are being enjoyed. I have a bit of old seed to use up & am looking forward to see how the birds like the new seed! Kind regards Vicki

Vicki West (November 2011)

Really impressed with delivery
David Many thanks my other half is working from home, so should be in</div> If not please leave in log shed</div> Really impressed with your delivery and birds seem to love the food</div> Well done</div> Karen</div>

Karen (November 2011)

excellent service
just wanted to say a big thanks for getting my order to me today- tuesday- and for your excellent service and product and for keeping me up to date with whats happening Sincerely sylvia

Sylvia (November 2011)

impressed with fast delivery promise
Hello.... Wow, thank you so much for your quick reply to my order and thank you for the added gift of the sunflower heads.I am most impressed with your fast delivery promise and especially the one hour time slot, that's great!!!!Looking forward to receipt of my order, as I'm sure my garden birds are as well! Regards,Susan

Susan (November 2011)

excellent service
message: first purchase from you, excellent service and excellent feeder. will certainly buy gain. Jane

Jane (November 2011)

excellent service
Hi David and Belinda Order received just as you said it would, excellent. Thank you again. Regards Julian

Julian (October 2011)

Thank you for the extras
Dear David Thank you for your email and for the extras that were packed in the parcel that was delivered sound and safely on time today as rearranged. The lane here was resurfaced on Monday and was closed so I thought it best to change the original delivery day. I will do as you say with the new bags; I have noticed the seals which seem much more robust and effective. Once again I am reminded how delightful it is doing business with you Best regards Stephen & Denise Gregory

Stephen (August 2011)

new bags are performing well
Thanks David, the food arrived yesterday and all was intact so the new bags are performing well. I was out when the delivery arrived so my wife was on her own and it was raining hard. Without being asked, the driver offered to store the bags where they wouldn't get wet and put them in our garage, which is some distance from the delivery point. We appreciated his action and thought you would like to know about this. Thanks for the sunflower heads. It took a while for the suspicious Hampshire birds to accept them but now they are very enthusiastic. Best wishes Dave

Dave C (August 2011)

excellent quality
My order arrived today as promised, yet again excellent quality and value for money. Thank you also for the freebies, they are much appreciated! Best wishes Alyson

Alyson (July 2011)