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Customer Feedback

Wonderful courier
<span style="font-size: 1em; line-height: 1.5em;">Thank you. My order arrived safely today. Wonderful to have a courier whom you can track literally to the minute he is going to arrive. Makes a huge difference. Thank you. <p class="MsoNormal">Sarah

Sarah (September 2013)

Wonderful job
Hello! Thanks for the usual wonderful service! I have meant to email you for ages and have just not got around to it, but wanted to say how nice it was to see my named bags last time! Hopefully I'll see them again!! Every time I order seed from you I think I must order with the recycled bags but then the extra saving on the bulk buy gets to me, so I have to go with that! Hope you are all doing well with the business - you are all doing a wonderful job!! Best wishesHeather

Heather (September 2013)

Superb customer Service
Hi Belinda, Just a quick email to say thank you for superb customer service. I received an email order confirmation, details of despatch and then a email this morning at 8.04am to say delivery would be between 11 and 12.00pm today and at 11.05 Interlink delivered the goods! If only other on-line companies/couriers were as good. I've opened the sack and the seed looks good, thank you for the 2 fat balls included. Regards Margaret Oakley

Margaret (September 2013)

superb customer service
Dear Belinda, Thank you so much for your superb customer service. I wasn't able to salvage many fat balls from the original shipment so the birds will be very happy when the replacements arrive tomorrow! Many thanks again and best regards, John

John (August 2013)

courier service excellent
Hi Belinda Order received thank you. The courier service was also excellent, its the same day as delivery txt system to give one the option of delivering to a neighbour which proved to be really useful. Rather than the goods being left outside somewhere. Kind regards Julian

Julian (July 2013)

excellent service
<span style="font-size: 1em; line-height: 1.5em;">Good morning <p class="MsoNormal">Thank you for your email. My order arrived in good time, thank you for an excellent service and quality product. I will definitely use your company again. <p class="MsoNormal">Kind regards Dianne Denton-Morley

D Denton-Morley (June 2013)

Superb mixed suet pellets
<span style="font-size: 1em; line-height: 1.5em;">message: Dear Belinda and David, and BBf Friends, Originally, we purchased your superb mixed suet pellets as a 'supplement' for our dunnocks, robins, tits, finches, thrushes, blackbirds, and the rest, to help them to the better survive the harsh rigours of winter...BUT, we little suspected these suet pellets would rapidly become established as the 'staple diet' of EVERY bird species, large and small, in this area of Buckinghamshire!! Heck, folks, this suet should carry a WARNING...! Wonderful stuff, and thank you very, very much for everything. Kind regards, Michael de Hesellum

Michael de Hesellum (June 2013)

bulk orders

Anne (May 2013)

Faultless Service
Hi Belinda, Thanks for a fast turn round with the order. I am very pleased with the product and I would certainly recommend you to others.</span> Faultless service. Best regards Paul

P. Woodworth (May 2013)

Squirrel Buster Success
Hello David & Belinda Thank you for the prompt delivery of goods. Excellent service as always. Thought I'd let you know I love the Squirrel Buster bird seed feeder, it certainly keeps the pesky squirrels away, and is so easy to clean. Kind regards Betty

Betty (March 2013)

Another New Customer !
Just to let you know how impressed my wife, Elizabeth, and myself are with British Bird Food. Just placed a new order with you, as we transfer our custom to you from our, now, previous supplier. Thank you very much indeed and very well done

M de Hesellum (February 2013)

Delighted with service and feed!
Thank you very much for your efficient delivery system. My bird seed arrived in the allotted delivery slot, unlike many parcels I have been at home awaiting delivery during the past few days. Big companies could do well to learn from your system! Within 20 minutes of me filling up my feeders with the sunflower seeds and winter mix I had goldfinches, bullfinches, robin, blackbird, collared doves, sparrows, blue tit and coal tits visiting. Delightful Thank you! Well worth every penny to give me islands of calm, peaceful pleasure, watching birds from my kitchen, whilst the world around me whips themselves up into a Christmas frenzy!

Elizabeth (December 2012)

Tweeter likes Big Feeder
Thank you @BritishBirdFood for my new Droll Yankees. If you need a large feeder, these are the boys!

Gareth (December 2012)

High Quality Feed
Dear Belinda Belated thanks for the very prompt delivery of the birdfood and especially for the gift of the suet balls. We've not tried these before, but they are already proving popular with the blue tits. Your packaging survived the journey very well and I was very pleased to see that your winter mix is of a much higher quality than is offered by some of your competitors (who tend to inlcude a lot of wheat and other things only of interest to pigeons). Regards Peter

P Budge (November 2012)

'As Always' Excellent Service
Hello Belinda, Just to say thanks very much for your 'as always' excellent service. My order arrived safe, sound and on time yesterday. The double boxed suet balls seem to have faired well and nearly all the ones in the box I have unpacked are intact (usually a few squished ones at the bottom/sides). Also the tape on the bags is much easier to remove!! Bags in the return post and cardboard recycled!! The funky 3/4 coconut is an instant hit, so thanks very much indeed for that extra!! Also, not sure if I've mentioned it before, but the Interlink delivery service is just superb. I know there are additional delivery instructions given, but regardless of the driver, they always find my home and the delivery being scheduled to the hour is brilliant. They are by far the most efficient and polite courier I have encountered. Once again, thanks very much indeed. Kindest regards, Caroline

C Munby (August 2012)

Birds say Thank You!
Here I am again, you still beat all the suppliers, gutted I went elsewhere locally. No comparison with your standard of seed mixes and the birds say "thank goodness she is back with you!" A Corrigan

A Corrigan (August 2012)

Impressive Delivery Speed
Really impressed with Echoes bird bath and stand. Was delivered today (the day after placing the order). I received a text in morning stating time of delivery and it arrived exactly on time. Very prompt and efficient service. Thank you. Sue - July 2012

Sue (July 2012)

Valuing Customers
Dear David and Belinda Thanks so much for the smashing prize which we won in your latest competition. Received OK and installed to-day. It's good to know that some companies value their customers - well done and I wish you every sucess with your business. R Walker

R Walker June 2012 (June 2012)

superb quality
Hi Belinda & David A brief thank you for your excellent service and superb quality - my lot cannot get enough sunflower seeds and the baby woodpeckers love the suet slabs! Regards Russ

Russ (June 2012)

Rook problem solved
Hello My rook problem is solved - thank you so much for your help. I have left it a while before contacting you just to make sure. Strangely enough the rooks departed quite quickly when they realised they weren't getting any food but it took the squirrels a bit longer to accept it! I now have woodpeckers in the garden which didn't happen before. I was concerned that they might trigger off the feeder but they are returning so it looks good. I am so grateful to you. Best wishes, Sarah

Sarah (June 2012)