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Time lapse cameras at BBF

Posted by British Bird Food 24/11/2011 0 Comment(s)
We have a range of time lapse cameras for your Christmas stocking here at British Bird Food. View your garden wild birds and wildlife during the day for stunning still photos, or video or leave the BirdCam Pro on automatic for it to catch those night time visitors you never knew you had.   The BirdCam is ideal for capturing the birds on your feeders, and it has a built in mechanism to avoid nuisance photos of an empty bird feeder swinging in the wind - the movement sensor will detect the normal movement of a feeder and ignore it.   PlantCam is perfect for time lapse video of projects or plants, moving at a speed previously invisible to the eye. Now you can put your TV on fast forward and watch a speeded up film of all the action over the last month - in 30 seconds! 

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