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PlantCam - Timelapse video

Posted by British Bird Food 29/09/2011 0 Comment(s)
The latest technology in filming things that move so slowly you can't see them move!Film your insect house, Bees, birds, plants or projects. Watch them grow and then review the film in your home on the television or computer. Save to your computer and send a copy on e-mail or upload to U-Tube and share with your friends.PlantCam completes the range of wire free cameras. The other two cameras are the BirdCam motion camera and the BirdCam Pro.Do you really know what goes on in your own back yard at 2am? the cameras will fix easily to a tree or wall and sit and watch for you until movement triggers them into action, or in the case of PlantCam you set the timelapse, point and switch on.Film your wild birds at the feeding station, knowing the technology will exclude the swinging of the feeders and so you won't end up with lots of 'empty' shots. The clarity of the pictures are excellent, with the PlantCam at 4 megapixels, BirdCam  and BirdCam Pro weighing in with a plentiful 8 megapixels you can print your pics and make calenders for all the family with a crystal clear photograph of your birds or garden wildlife on each month.PlantCam timelapse cameraBirdCam timelapse cameraBirdCam Pro timelapse camera    PlantCam                                         BirdCam                           BirdCam Pro  

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