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BirdCam - stills, video and time lapse

Posted by British Bird Food 27/09/2011 0 Comment(s)
Birdcam and BirdCam pro offer the latest technology to watch what is happening in your own back yard - and you don't even have to be there!Bird camera with motion sensorBirdCam offers video, and still images that you can watch on your TV or download to your PC. With adjustable focus fro 18 inches to infinity and the latest motion sensors to prevent unwanted 'empty shots' that ignores things like the feeder swinging and plants moving in the breeze.No wires or tools are required - open the box and set up your own garden watch.Bird camera with time lapseBirdCam pro has a high resolution of 3264x2448 and the added powerful flash for night shots, as well as time lapse mode to watch your vista change in an instant.Both cameras are made to resist weather and can be left outside for months. With no wires or tools, only 4 batteries are required. Then you can use the cables supplied to watch your garden wildlife and birds on your TV or monitor. A great educational exercise for children and it can be fun too. Make a calender with a picture from your garden on every month. Lots of other projects and gift ideas - the BirdCam range is a unique opportunity to share your garden with friends through e-mail or U-Tube.

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