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Educational insect houses.

Posted by British Bird Food 24/09/2011 0 Comment(s)
In our wildlife and habitat range we have now added four insect and butterfly educational habitats specifically designed for children.The Mini bug Butterfly and Moth feeder is a feeder and habitat designed to encourage Butterflies and Moths to come and eat or hibernate in the removable cassette. There is also two feeding cups and a sponge feeder for you to add Butterfly attractant. A free 16 page project book is included. Price £9.95.The Mini bug Solitary Bee house is a natural habitat for non-swarming solitary bees, they do not harm children or pets and are an essential part of the pollination of the plants and vegetables in the garden. Made from FSC timber the Minibug Bee house is sturdy and safe and come with a free 16 page project book for the children to work on. Price £9.95The Mini bug box 2000 attracts Ladybirds and other insects and can be hung from trees pergolas or hanging brackets. Use Ladybird food attractant to tempt in the occupants and them let the children study the antics inside and learn all about nature up close. Price £9.95The Mini bug Ladybird tower is a natural habitat for Ladybirds and other insects to seek refuge and hibernate for the winter. Pollinating bugs and insects are a welcome guest in any garden and Ladybirds are natural predators of Aphids. Price £9.95.

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