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Ultra clean feeders - Onyx, click 2 clean

Posted by British Bird Food 30/06/2011 0 Comment(s)
Hygiene is of the utmost importance when it comes to feeding wild birds in your garden. Normal feeders have the feeding ports fixed through the tube and only the top comes off for cleaning, this makes it difficult to get a brush all the way through. The Onyx range of wild bird feeders, has the feeding perches and ports on the outside of the tube and the baseonyx wild bird feedercomes away from the tube to leave a clear tube for cleaning, this is a great improvement on the traditional design and it allows total clean ability of the tube and perches.Onyx bird feeders are available in seed and Niger seed format with three sizes available of each type,Tube length 275mm will hold 1.0Ltrs of seed.Tube length 425mm will hold 1.6Ltrs of seed with four ports.Tube length 580mm will hold 2.2Ltrs of seed with six ports.They are slightly larger diameter tubes than most feeders and so they hold a larger amount of seed, which makes them very good value for money.Finished in gloss black the Onyx range looks stunning and will be an impressive addition to any feeder station. Made by Droll Yankees the Onyx range has an impressive quality finish and comes with their lifetime guarantee.

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