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Hand made wooden planters

Posted by David Baxter 24/09/2021 0 Comment(s)

The latest products to our range are these hand made wooden planters.


Made in our Shropshire village by a local craftsman, these wooden planters are the very best quality. Every joint has been hand made to fit exactly with the next joint. Every angle has been calculated exactly to match up to the next angle. So you get a very strong construction that has additional strength through the use of a carpenters skill in using screws and glue rather than the factory type that are held together with nails that will work loose in no time.


The tapered square planters have a 5° taper from top to bottom and all of the sides have precise mitre joints, making the planter stand out from the crowd as well as making strong bonds.


The Octaganal planter makes good use of the carpenters knowledge of angles and you can see the different grains of the wood as they appear in each joint. Making a full circle, but not being round once again makes this wooden planter set apart from the factory made ones you get in the local DIY / garden Centre.


You have the choice of having the planter lined with plastic by us, or you might prefer to use a pot that can be re-used many times. The preservatives used on the wood are Ronseal and Sadolin, so they will last for years before needing a re-coat. That said, if you would like to paint the planter or use your own preservative, we will make one specially for you and leave the coatings off.


Because they are hand made, every wooden planter is unique. They do all look very similar but there will always be minor differences due to the nature of wood and being hand made.



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