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New Squirrel proof feeders

Posted by David Baxter 09/07/2021 0 Comment(s)

Tom Chambers Squirrel Stop feeders.


A mid range Squirrel proof feeders for both seeds and peanuts made by Tom Chambers.


Excellent value for money the Squirrel Stop feeders have their own unique design features to keep the pesky Squirrel off your bird food.


The perches have a spring balance that operates a shutter to close off access to the seed if any large birds or Squirrel dare to sit on them! this is by far the best way to prevent Squirrels getting to your bird food. In our experience the Squirrels get fed up with trying and just go and find food somewhere else!


A Squirrel baffle is incorporated in the feeder allowing small birds more confidence in safely feeding.

Key attributes:-

  • Made from heavy duty metal
  • Prevents squirrels from feeding by cutting off their food supply
  • Metal seed ports close when a heavy bird or squirrel lands on the perch
  • Lid closes firmly with clasps to prevent squirrels removing the roof
  • Built in squirrel baffle
  • Dimensions - H 560mm x Dia 190mm

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