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Wet and windy!

Posted by David Baxter 21/05/2021 0 Comment(s)

Mid May and it feels like Autumn!


While everyone is thinking about summer holidays, and the British weather is far from inviting it will be inevitable that more people go abroad in the coming months. Bad news for our garden friends.


The birds and mammals in the gardens and free spaces are in full swing breading and rearing thier young, now is the time they need a lot of help, as the weather turns against them they are struggling to find sufficient food and nourishment to rear their young. We can all help by feeding the birds and ground based animals in our gardens.


Wild birds will soon find your bird feeding station, so all they need is some fresh food and clean water each day to help them survive and give thier young the best start in life. Some basic wild bird food and peanuts, or you can go for one of our specially selected and hand mixed wild bird foods. Winter mix, Spring / Summer mix and Autumn mix are very nutritious, but then again if germination is important to you then you might prefer to feed them our High Energy mixes, such as Premium high energy no grow or premium high energy no grow advance.


What ever you chose to feed your garden birds, rest assured you are giving them a huge helping hand and if you do go away for that long awaited holiday - please make arrangements for the food to continue for your garden friends and they will be there when you return, waiting for you.......

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