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Emily Scarratt

Make your own fuel

Posted by David Baxter 20/05/2020 0 Comment(s)

Make your own fuel out of paper.


We have for sale one fuel block press.


This is not something I have done before on the web site, but I think the environmental benefits to using this press mean it deserves a bit of publicity!


The press can make five blocks in one press, you load it up with wet newspaper and then pull the lever down to compress the block mould and the water flushes out of the paper. This leaves a solid block (that is still very wet). You then stack the blocks somewhere dry and preferably in the breeze, and after a few weeks - hey presto! the blocks are dry.


They are very light but also very compact, we found they last quite well. On our log burner I would use them to supplement wood, but if you put three or four on their own then they last about 30 to 40 minutes and do give out good heat.


The price is £200 and it will pay pack quite easily, it just doesn't suit our current set up and I would rather someone else make use of it.


Just give me a mail or phone to answer any questions.


Many thanks


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