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Exclusive bird food mixes

Posted by David Baxter 05/07/2017 0 Comment(s)

Unique and purpose designed wild bird food mixes - from British Bird Food.


The ultimate in attracting beautiful wild birds of all species to your garden is to find the right food for them. Every garden is different in the food that it's wild bird population likes and so we believe that the food you present to them has to be a little special to get the best results.


Here at British Bird Food, we are a tiny company dedicated to supplying the best wild bird food to our customers, we have been doing so for nine years now and we reckon we have got the balance between quality and price about right. Quality ingredients for all types of environments and species of birds, at a good range of prices for all budgets. Check out our testimonials and customer feedback to see for yourself, we don't subscribe to any of the internet review sites that bother you after purchase, so every one of our testimonials is genuinely from a satisfied customer who took the time and trouble to let us know what they thought to our service or products. We think that customers who go to the trouble of letting us know how we do are the best recommendation we can give.


All of our seasonal range of wild bird food is mixed to order, so if you order on a Tuesday morning we will mix the ingredients and pack into the size of your choice and you will receive it probably on Wednesday (we can guarantee this if you select next day delivery). This is the freshest bird food on the market, because we know how important freshness is to the feeding of our garden birds, they know what is best for them and if something is stale they will vote with their wings! so we pack it freshly on the day of despatch, in our seasonal range, we have a Winter Mix, Spring / Summer mix and Autumn mix, each with slightly different ingredients to suit the time of year and bird activity at that time. You can select to buy in a bulk sack of 12.55Kg / 15Kg or 25Kg, or you could choose to have 5Kg polythene bags in any multiple up to 25Kg, these bags can be returned to us freepost for our re-use. All of our bird food comes to you in a strong cardboard box, delivered to a place of your choice and can be left if you are not in or you can select to sign for the delivery - it's your choice and we will accommodate accordingly.


So if you are not one of our many thousands of customers and think your garden birds would like to try something different, go ahead and order online, or phone David to discuss what is best for your particular situation and you can order and pay over the phone at the same time - no customer advisers, no receptionist, no "please hold - you call is important to us" messages - just a straight forward phone call to one of the business owners who is still the person who will mix your bird food and be there for you if anything goes amiss - same person answering the phone, so we know all about your order and what needs to be done if anything has gone wrong (it does happen, but not very often - thankfully!).

So go ahead - try a different style of service, it's been proven over hundreds of years - good old fashioned personal service.

Straight foods too!

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