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Emily Scarratt

Autumn Mix - lower price

Posted by David Baxter 16/07/2016 0 Comment(s)

Autumn Mix wild bird food.


Our exclusive range of seasonal wild bird food is now all the same price, without compromising any of the quality ingredients, we have brought the Autumn mix into line with the other Spring / Summer mix and Winter mix wild bird foods that we mix, blend and pack entirely by ourselves.


Autumn mix is a no mess mix with lots of high energy ingredients in order to build up the strength of your garden birds ready fro the Winter months and after the long breeding season. Suet pellets, Sunflower Hearts, Fruit (for the songbirds and finches) all provide oils and nutrients that are essential in gaining energy quickly.


Autumn Mix bird food is available as part of our exclusive seasonal bird food range and although the names are intended to indicate the best time to feed the particular mix and you can indeed follow the calendar by feeding the mixes in turn :-

Spring / Summer mix = April to September.

Autumn Mix = October to January.

Winter Mix = January to April.

You can also feed the mixes all year round, once you have found the best wild bird food for your particular garden birds, then our advice is to stick with that mix all year round.

All of our seasonal range of wild bird foods, are available in our returnable packaging, designed to be friendly to your storage and easy to lift, they come in 5Kg individual polythene bags that are re-sealable and returnable, so you can take out the bags from the cardboard box they are delivered in at your doorstep, then store them on a shelf, keep the bags until you have a dozen or so then fold them in half and put them inside one bag, the freepost address is printed on the bag and so you simply post it in the usual way and they will get back to us for re-use.

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