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Feeding Songbirds

Posted by David Baxter 21/06/2016 0 Comment(s)

Feeding our garden songbirds.

Summer is in full swing and all of our beautiful songbirds are busy in the garden and hedgerows building nests and feeding their broods. So now is just as important as the Winter to provide a high energy diet and fresh clean water for them to access as and when they leave their nest for a short time.


Robins, Wren, Blackbird, Song Thrush, Mistle Thrush all of these wild birds are common in our gardens at this time of year and all of them will sit on a branch and sing their songs for us (well other birds actually!) not only first thing in the morning but all the way through the day, all they need to keep them interested in your garden is a good supply of food and water.


At British Bird Food we specialise in providing wholesome nutritious bird food that is hand mixed and blended to provide the right balance for your garden birds to enjoy and benefit from. Take our Robin and Tit Food, it has Sunflower Hearts, Pin Head Oat meal, granulated peanuts and Mealworms and the small birds love it. Our Autumn mix has some fruit mixed in so as to attract the Songbirds, you can feed an apple or some raisins, grapes or any other fruit, just leave it on a tray or ground feeder and the birds will find it and enjoy it, try not to leave too much food out, so they clear it up by evening, this will avoid the food going stale and also reduce the food available for out four legged rodent friends.


There are lots or feeders out there for Songbirds to use, they generally (although there is always one persistent fellow to prove me wrong) will not perch on a tube feeder so you need to provide the Songbirds with a tray feeder (mesh base to allow water to drip through) and you can put the feeder in a tree or on the floor or use a bird table, as long as the base is reasonably flat. Also available are hanging feeders, like the Robin Dome, this is designed to allow access for the birds but to keep the rain off the food.

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