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Feeding large wild birds

Posted by David Baxter 23/02/2016 0 Comment(s)

Large wild bird food.


Feeding wild birds is a lovely pastime, relaxing, rewarding and helpful to nature, but some people do get frustrated by large birds like Crows, Pigeons and Magpies over running the feeding station and taking all the wild bird food that is put out for all birds - including the smaller species.


We thought it best to try and separate the larger birds from the smaller ones by offering them their own feeding station. Just a ground feeding tray and some large bird food and that keeps the larger birds happy in their own corner of the garden. It is best to feed only enough for one day at a time, as to leave wild  bird food out overnight only encourages rodents and during the Winter months they are always on the look out for food.


Our large bird food is freshly mixed on the day of despatch and you have  the choice of a bulk sack for economy, or you can order our returnable re-sealable plastic bags that will ensure your bird food is kept fresh for as long as possible, when you have finished with the bags they can be placed inside one bag and posted back to us for re-use via our free post address, just put them in the post box and we get them back a few days later.

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