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Suet pellets for wild birds

Posted by David Baxter 16/02/2016 0 Comment(s)

Suet pellets for wild bird feeding in Winter.


Suet pellets offer the highest energy of all the wild bird foods and the birds certainly know it! Suet pellets and other suet products for birds, like suet blocks and suet balls are all high energy products the birds not only enjoy eating but are essential help in nutrition for them to survive in cold weather. 


Suet pellets are not the cheapest way of feeding wild birds, so you might like to mix them in with other foods to make them go further, or, you can of course buy them ready mixed in with other seeds (our Winter Mix for wild birds is a good example), either way you will find more birds coming to your feeders and there will be a wider variety of species too. It is a thing of nature, that birds know what is best for them and they will always know good quality high energy bird food and that is how you too can tell the best quality bird food - simply watch what the birds prefer.


At British Bird Food we offer many types of suet products for garden birds, but the common factor is they are all of the highest quality. We only supply beef suet (pork is cheaper but less nutritious) and do not use Palm oil. We have found over the years it is false economy to try and use cheaper products - the birds will vote with their feet! If you buy your suet pellets in our unique returnable packaging then you will receive your bird food inside a cardboard box and in the box will be 5Kg re-sealable plastic bags with our return free post address printed onto the bag. So when you have emptied all of the bags you can simply put them inside one bag and send it back through the post, we recieve hundreds aper week and re-use as many as we can, it helps the environment and also to keep our prices in trim.

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