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Wild bird nest boxes

Posted by David Baxter 12/02/2016 0 Comment(s)

Nest boxes for wild birds.


Next week is national nest box week and marks the time of year when it is best to put up your bird nest boxes for the coming year.

Putting up nest boxes in your garden is a great way to observe nature and learn about the garden birds around you, it doesn't matter even if you don't have a garden, you can put a nest box on the wall of your house and birds will find it and if they like the feel of it they will nest there and often they will return each year. There are numerous nest boxes and we have a good selection including by species, so if you want to attract Blue Tits then you go for a small entrance hole (26mm) but if you want a more general box that appeals to a range of birds then go for a (32mm) hole and that will allow the \mid sized birds to get in. If you would like to attract Robins and Wagtails then you need an open fronted nest box and of course there are many other types of nest boxes by species for example, Swift, Swallow, House Martin, Tree Creeper and Blackbirds all have their own special preference for the design of a nest box.


the most important thing about putting up a bird nest box is the location. Make sure it is in as quiet place as possible, avoid access from \predators like cats, face the box to North East or further to the East, this avoids the prevailing wind and is cooler in the summer afternoons and you will find birds prefer this orientation. If it is for an open fronted nest box then try and find for example,a little cover and locate the box amongst the plant / ivy, etc, also the front of the box should not face directly outwards, so it is best to face the front to the sideways direction (if that makes sense!) generally think about the safest place for the nest box and that is what the birds are looking for.


If you would like more detailed information about wild bird nest box positioning, then see our help and advice page on nest box positioning.

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