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Autumn wild bird food

Posted by David Baxter 07/10/2015 0 Comment(s)

Feeding wild birds in Autumn.

Cold nights and wet days are here again and while we humans turn on the central heating and put a scarf on to go to work - what do we think is happening in the world of wildlife?


Hedgehogs are looking for high energy food and water so they can survive the winter. Bats are busy feeding off the Autumn insect life that is around all the damp and wet areas of plant and leaf decay. Foxes and Badgers are saying goodbye to their young and preparing to look after themselves over the cold months - and the wild birds are recovering from a very busy breeding season, having produced from one to four broods and making one to six (or more in the case of the Wren) nests. Then they have to recover all of the energy it has taken out of them to feed their offspring. So now in October the wild birds in your gardens are looking for one thing - food and more food.


Wild bird food for the garden birds comes in many and varied shapes and sizes and we certainly can't predict which will perform the best in your particular garden, but what we can say is that you definitely get what you pay for, the more money spent on a bird food mix will equate to better performing food for the wild birds. Sunflower Hears have a high energy content in their oil, as do Peanuts, Mealworms have masses of protein. Suet pellets, blocks and balls all have very high energy content too, Fruit is a welcome addition for the songbirds and finches. 


So if you look at then list above and wonder whether it is better to buy the ingredients separately, or to buy ready mixed, there is a lot of work and research to be done to level that question out - what we say at British Bird Food, is that if you can trust us to serve you and your wild birds with top quality bird food, then we won't let you down, and with a promise like that, we think most customers will put their faith in our Autumn Mix for garden birds, it has everything the birds need to recover from the breading season and prepare for the Winter - enjoy:)

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