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Year round bird food

Posted by David Baxter 23/09/2015 0 Comment(s)

Year round bird food - look no further.


It is always nice to know exactly what to feed and when to your garden friends, but some people want to rely on the trusted and proven methods of the experts - don't reinvent the wheel, so to speak.


At British Bird Food, one of the fundamental reasons for setting up our family business selling wild bird food was because we could not find just the right mix for our garden birds. So we set about blending and mixing until we found the right one at certain times of year. We have honed those mixes down to three now, so as to keep simplicity throughout the year. Spring / Summer mix a combined seasonal mix that has a little extra grit included for egg shell strength and digestion assistance, plus suet pellets and mealworms for energy boost to help in nest building and feeding routines. Autumn mix is a very high energy mix that includes fruit and suet pellets and well as a high proportion of Sunflower Hearts to help recovery from the breeding season and preparation for the Winter months. Then the Winter Mix, a blend of lots of seeds plus suet pellets and mealworms for high energy and fibre to see the birds through the Winter months.


What ever type of garden birds you feed you can feed our seasonal range of wild bird food either straight through the year or at the appropriate seasonal time

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