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Mealworm suet pellets for birds

Posted by British Bird Food 08/07/2015 0 Comment(s)

Are suet pellets the best food for wild birds?

Mealworm Suet pellets are back on the menu at British Bird Food, that means we now stock four varieties of suet pellets for wild birds. Berry, Insect,Fruit and now Mealworm.

Providing the suet base comes from beef fat and not other animals (as ours do of course) then the suet pellets you feed your garden birds have got to be the highest energy provider food you can give your wild garden birds at any time of the year.

During the Winter months the birds need energy to keep warm, the Spring summer and Autumn, they need energy for breeding, recovery and preparation for the next Winter, so you really can feed suet pellets to your garden birds all year round.

We find suet pellets so popular that we have no problem in mixing them in with other seeds, like Sunflower Hearts and no mess mix. In fact our ultimate high energy mix for wild birds is made up of mainly suet pellets (mixed) and then Raisins and Mealworms – lots of mealworms, so it is so rich in high energy ingredients it is worth mixing it in with other wild bird foods to make it stretch out a bit longer.

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