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Hanging bird feeder squirrel dome

Posted by British Bird Food 02/07/2015 0 Comment(s)

Squirrel proof bird feeder protection.

A new product added this week to our online shop is the Squirrel Dome hanging feeder from Jacobi Jayne.If you are tired of seeing the Squirrels hanging upside down feeding from your wild bird feeders, this is one of the weapons you can draw from an arsenal of products we sell that are designed to combat the pesky squirrel without harming him.The high quality poly carbonate dome is tough to withstand British summers and Winters without cracking or discolouring. It has a special slippery surface that makes sure the squirrel can't get to the bird feeder by hanging on to the dome, they will try, but they will just slide off to the ground.The Squirrel dome for hanging bird feeders is for all types and makes of bird feeder and the spring loaded hook that secures the feeder to the dome is strong enough to prevent accidental opening by humans or squirrels! the heavy gauge brass pole is strong and rust proof with an adjuster to allow the dome to be moved up and down the pole to get restricted access and better rain protection - two in one! 

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