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Sunflower Heart Chips for wild birds

Posted by British Bird Food 11/06/2015 0 Comment(s)

Buy Sunflower Heart Chips now.

You can feed Sunflower Hearts and Chips at any time of the year, but in the breeding season chips are particularly good for reducing waste to the ground. Although other birds will feed from the ground, sometimes there can be so many birds wanting to feed from the feeding station that it overwhelms the ground feeding birds and there is waste left over night which can then encourage rodents.Sunflower Heart Chips for wild bird feeding are good because they are bite size, so the birds chomp less and thus don't throw so much seed to the ground. Small birds and large alike will enjoy the Sunflower Heart Chips as well as the fledglings they bring to your wild bird feeding station.Brambling, Robin, Finches, Tits and Song birds will all love a good feed on Sunflower Hearts of any size, but the small birds and fledglings will benefit most and chips are the same price in our shop as full size Sunflower Hearts. Of course you can benefit from bulk buying in large sacks or you can take advantage of our exclusive returnable packaging scheme. Our returnable packaging means we send your order in 5Kg bags that are easy to move and store, these are in a stout cardboard box so you can open it wherever it is most convenient for you to pick up from. Then, when you have emptied all of the poly bags, save them up until you have a fair amount and put them all inside one bag, seal it and post through the Royal Mail, they will come back to us and we re-use them again, saving the environment and keeping costs and prices down low.[caption id="attachment_3725" align="alignleft" width="150"]Sunflower Heart Chips for birds Buy your Sunflower Heart Chips from BBF and save money keeping your birds well fed![/caption]

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