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Abundance of Blackbirds?

Posted by British Bird Food 06/05/2015 0 Comment(s)

Blackbirds are everywhere.

The big bird watch for the RSPB this year recorded Blackbirds as third most popular wild bird found in our gardens. But I do feel that the male has done particularly well, it seems as if there are always four males for every one female in our garden this year.I should think every morning I look out of our window at our wild bird feeding station and there are always Blackbirds fighting over either, the Blackbird and Thrush Food, or the female Blackbirds that frequent the feeder, now we even have the first fledglings getting in on the act. Last years warm weather in the breeding season saw a good number of species increase in number, but it seems the balance of male to female was out a bit in the Blackbirds case. Now of course, the females are setting on eggs and so they are less prevalent, but nonetheless, I should think it must be pretty frustrating if you are a male Blackbird this year!The Starlings and Wood Pigeons' did well also (not the best news for some people who feed birds!) and that explains the make up of the birds around the majority of bird feeding stations this year - House Sparrow - Starling - Blackbird - Blue Tit and Wood Pigeon (in that order) made up the top five places in the big bird watch this year.If you are thinking about what is the best food for your wild birds, then look no further, Spring / Summer mix bird food is perfect for all of the above wild birds. It contains Mealworms, Suet Pellets and lots of small seeds including Sunflower Hearts and even some Fruit for the returning Songbirds, with just a pinch of grit to aid digestion and strong egg shells. The Spring / Summer mix wild bird food from British Bird Food is perfect for all of the top five species of wild birds in your garden - official!:)[caption id="attachment_3693" align="alignleft" width="150"]Spring / Summer bird food Spring / Summer mix wild bird food is perfect for the top five species of birds in your garden[/caption]

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