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Wild bird nesting material

Posted by British Bird Food 10/04/2015 0 Comment(s)

Make nesting material available for your garden birds.

This time of year in the warm Spring mornings, you will see the birds around your garden, house or workplace scrabbling around in the gutters, grass, pathways and anywhere else they can, in order to find materials to build their nests.Nest boxes for birds are an ideal way to help provide safe and easy nesting conditions for wild birds, they will find the box, spend a couple of days visiting the box and surrounding area and then decide whether or not it is suitable. One of the key deciding factors will be the availability of construction and bedding material for their nests. This varies from mud, twigs and sticks, to moss, string and hair, finally making a lining of soft feather down from their own bodies. If there is no nest box provision in your garden or area around you, then they will do what comes naturally and find a site, building a nest from scratch. If you are on the ball, you may be able to see this happening right now in Early April, watch out for any birds that are making repetitive movements in and around a particular area. We have a Blue Tit that is determined to sit outside the kitchen window for hours on end, even when I moved the pile of wood he was investigating (as it was not in a safe place for a nest) he still insists on standing around on the fence singing away. In all probability he is seeking a partner, but he will also be on the lookout for a nest site in that location. Either way we have made sure there is food and water around and also put out some nesting material in an old peanut feeder. Just some dog hair from grooming the dog and some cotton wool, with some one inch lengths of cotton. We will have to wait and see if he uses it.[caption id="attachment_3674" align="alignleft" width="150"]Nest boxes for wild birds, provide safe and convenient places for birds to breed in. Nest boxes for wild birds, provide safe and convenient places for birds to breed in. Put out some material for them to build a nest with to encourage them into your garden.[/caption] 

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