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Lifetime Guarantee - means just that.

Posted by British Bird Food 31/03/2015 0 Comment(s)

Wild bird feeding equipment, with a lifetime guarantee.

All of the Droll Yankees and Jacobi Jayne tube feeders carry a lifetime guarantee and it means just that. As long as you have the feeder, if anything disastrous happens to it and it becomes unusable, then we will send you replacement parts free of charge - it really is that good.Droll Yankee feeders and the Jacobi Jayne trademark wild bird feeders have been around for many years, but (as far as I know) they are the only bird feeders that carry such a brilliant guarantee. It even include Squirrel damage. With the high winds we are seeing this Spring time, you can purchase with confidence from British Bird Food, all of your wild bird feeder requirements. The Droll Yankkes and Jacobi Jayne range of tube feeders come in seed, Niger and nut forms and are in three or four lengths.The New Generation range are a sturdy feeder and offer the option of a 20 perch Niger seed feeder for the Goldfinch flocks. Then we have the Ring Pull range, simply pull the metal pin that holds the perches and base together and you will release them to reveal a unhindered tube to allow thorough cleaning. The Onyx range offers click to clean design, a simple turn of the base lock and the base comes away allowing a brush to be pushed through the feeder to clean it, with a wide diameter tube and piano black paintwork, the Onyx is a stunning bird feeder.The extra large Droll Yankees range are the big boys of the bird feeding world, allowing you to fill up your feeder less, but still have enough perches to encourage flocks. They are truly impressive feeders and as always, come with the lifetime guarantee.Whatever your preference for price, hygiene, longevity of fill, or any other feature, there is a feeder to suit your requirements from the wide range of bird feeders at our British Bird Food online shop. If you are passing you can call into our 'real' shop, at Standford Bridge on the A41 between Newport and Hinstock in Shropshire.[caption id="attachment_3667" align="alignleft" width="150"]Wild bird seed feeders Buy with confidence - a lifetime guarantee for Droll Yankees and Jacobi Jayne wild bird seed feeders.[/caption]

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