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Spring (mix) is in the air for birds!

Posted by British Bird Food 23/03/2015 0 Comment(s)

Feed your wild birds with our exclusive Spring / Summer bird food mix.

Even though it is still cold, the wild birds in your garden will all be either into, or starting to get into their Spring mode. Looking for a wild bird mate, or finding a bird nest box / nesting site will soon be their highest priority.As it was not a particularly harsh Winter, Blackbirds will not have Migrated far from their homes (maybe a few miles South) and will already have found a mate and are in the process of moving into their selected nesting place, Robins, likewise will be seen pairing up with their wild bird friends - and fighting with their not so friendly rivals. Robins are very territorial birds and they will defend their area of control - not quite to the death, but they will fight long and hard before giving up their territory. Sparrows are starting to chirp in the trees and lots of other wild birds are coming back to life, first thing in the morning around 5.30AM the birds around our house are singing away, not all of them yet, that will be when the warmer weather arrives and the return of some of the summer migratory birds, like the Swallow, Swift and House Martin, believe it or not, some birds only come here for the winter months as it is milder than their homeland in the North, these include the Fieldfare, Redwing and Brambling as well as a host of Geese and Ducks.As an aside, the Swifts are due to return towards the end of April, screeching their way to their breeding grounds. An active group of people are in Ludlow, the Ludlow Swift Group meet in the evenings and the First Swifts were spotted over Ludlow on the 25th April, but it is thought these were just passing through, the next group were spotted on the 5th of May, then they have to find nesting sites / Swift nest boxes, so it is well into June before the Swift settles down to rear her brood.[caption id="attachment_3659" align="alignleft" width="150"]Swift Nest Box Swifts will be arriving back to the UK in May, fix one of our Swift Nest Boxes up for them and they may stay with you a while.[/caption]

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