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Ground feeding bird cover

Posted by British Bird Food 03/02/2015 0 Comment(s)

Stop pigeons and doves taking your garden bird food.

At this time of year we get lots of people asking about how to prevent large birds and Squirrels, Starlings etc from getting to their garden ground bird feeders. Firstly, only ever put just enough food out for each day, it is best to feed twice a day and reduce the second feed to suit the birds appetite if you over feed it will just result in other undesirables (rodents) helping themselves to your bird food too.If you want to cover the ground feeding tray to prevent large bird access, then a ground feeder guardian  is just the tool for the job. They come in two sizes of mesh, so you can chose as to how small you want the birds to be allowed to enter. They are very large ground feeder guardians and will accommodate most trays, but they are specifically designed to fit with the Jacobi Jayne ground feeding trays.Your garden birds will feel safe and secure when they are eating and all of the larger birds and squirrels will be kept away from your bird food.[caption id="attachment_3629" align="alignleft" width="150"]Ground feeder guardian Secure your small garden birds food with a ground feeder guardian[/caption]

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