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Parrot food on the menu

Posted by British Bird Food 20/11/2014 0 Comment(s)

Bucktons' Elite Parrot food.

As well as providing a wide range of wild bird food, British Bird Food also sell a range of pet food and other bird food. Special Budgie mix and elite Parrot mix go well for the cage and aviary. Wild bird food mixes are in abundance for your garden birds and then there is the wildlife special foods for your Hedgehogs, Squirrels and ground feeding birds.Buying your bird food and pet food from us is a sure way to get complete satisfaction, in fact if you are not satisfied with our service or products then there is a money back guarantee. Winter mix wild bird food is very appropriate at this time of year, it contains all the nutritional goodness your garden birds require to get through the winter months, with suet, mealworms and sunflower hearts, plus a sprinkling of peanut granules makes up a complete meal for the birds to enjoy. Winter mix can be fed through the tube feeders on your bird feeding station or can be fed on a ground tray for the songbirds.With Christmas coming up now, you might like to take a look at our gift category, there are lots of good ideas to temp you into a novel Christmas gift. Educational nature study centres, wildlife cameras, homes for bugs, bees and bats, not to mention the beneficial insects![caption id="attachment_3575" align="alignleft" width="150"]Elite parrot food Buy parrot food as well as bird food and special foods for wildlife from British Bird Food.[/caption]

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