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Hedgehog homes now available

Posted by British Bird Food 31/10/2014 0 Comment(s)

Hedgehog houses for sale at British Bird Food.

Want to give a hog a home? then look no further, at British Bird Food we carry a stock of three types of Hedgehog hoses, a basic shelter for under the hedge, a more robust igloo for better insulation and a family size and also we have the solid Oak hedgehog house, with it's protective front porch to deter predators, a hatch at the rear to clean it out in the Spring time and ventilation holes for clean air for the hedgehogs, it also benefits from two runners on the base to keep it out of the damp. All three designs have a waterproof roof to keep out the wind and rain on those cold winter nights.We have an offer on at the moment so when you buy any of our hedgehog houses you will receive a free sample of Spikes hedgehog food as well a s Wildlife World guide to hedgehogs.Hedgehogs will not be hibernating just yet, they need to use the mild weather to build up their weight and so will be looking for food all the time until it becomes cold and the food is short, then they will seek a place to sleep that offers protection and insulation. So now is the last chance to get some food and shelter to keep your garden friends warm and cosy in the protection of your garden this year.As a point of note, if you do find one of the latest birthed hog-lets, the chances are they will be small and are unlikely to make it through the winter, so this is one of those rare occasions when it is actually best to interfere with nature. If the hog-let is below  a certain weight or if it looks drunk then go visit British Hedgehog website or phone them on 01584 890 801 for guidance, it could be that the best way to help the little one is to pick it up and either keep it warm and fed or to take it to your nearest hedgehog sanctuary.[caption id="attachment_3550" align="alignleft" width="150"]Hedgehog houses Hedgehog houses are for sale at British Bird Food[/caption]

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