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Sunflower hearts for birds £36.60 delivered

Posted by British Bird Food 01/10/2014 0 Comment(s)

Sunflower Hearts for birds

Are a great way to feed your wild garden birds this winter and at the equivalent of £1.46 per kilo they are superb value right now. This price includes free delivery to nay address in our zone one, which is all of the the UK mainland (according to the couriers post code list!)Sunflower Hearts for birds are high in oils for their digestive system and to gain important energy from the seeds, there are no husks and so the Sunflower Hearts won't germinate and produce sunflower plants, they are so valued by the wild bird population that they will clear up all the sunflower hearts, the finches and tits will take them from the tube feeders and the songbirds and Robins will enjoy them from a ground feeder.Value for money is a key requirement of most shoppers and our prices are tested regularly against the other online retail companies, we are only small but we operate alongside the larger companies and can offer best prices as we keep our overheads low, so if you want to buy sunflower hearts for birds you can do so with confidence here at British Bird Food.Many outlets offer sunflower hearts for sale, but it is important to know they are the latest crop year, as some pet shops seem to stock sunflower hearts from as long as two years ago, this leads to them drying out and are not so nutritious for the wild birds, most online shops now offer the latest crop year, as do ourselves, so you can be sure you are getting value for money and your garden birds are getting top quality nutritious bird food. Our sunflower hearts are always 'bakery grade' this is in effect the same quality as the human food chain, they are whole and have a high oil content and are free from any disease or virus that may be contaminating lesser quality stocks of sunflower hearts.[caption id="attachment_3508" align="alignleft" width="150"]Sunflower hearts for wild birds Sunflower hearts for birds - a high quality seed packed with nutritious oil for your wild garden birds, buy now ate £1.46 per kilo delivered to your door.[/caption]

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