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Wild birds welcome the rain in the West

Posted by British Bird Food 13/07/2014 0 Comment(s)
Wild birds need a certain amount of natural water. Even though we have been basking in sunshine here in the West, we have had a welcome shower or two in the last couple of days - why is it important to the wild birds?Well, even though we all keep a supply of fresh water in our gardens for the birds; they also need to be able to rummage around in the ground to get at the worms and insects that live just below the surface, the drier the soil, the further down the birds food supply goes - and the dry soil is harder for them to dig through.Rain also bring life to the dry hedgerows, feeding the grass and plants, this produces more insects and allows the fauna to grow, certain leaves (especially my Cabbage plants!) are a food source also. So when we have a dry spell it is a welcome relief to have a shower or two especially at night.So there are lots of reasons why we should feed our wild garden birds, but dry weather isn't always at the forefront of our reasoning. It is important to maintain a steady supply of wild bird food and fresh water for your garden birds all year round. But it is not only the Winter months when they are desperate for help, it can be in the middle of Summer too.[caption id="attachment_3383" align="alignleft" width="150"] Water feeder for birds[/caption]

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