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Versa perch - attract more birds to your feeders.

Posted by British Bird Food 04/06/2014 0 Comment(s)
Versa Perch from Jacobi Jayne is a great way to allow more birds to access your wild bird feeders. The Versa Perch offers amazing perching options for the bird's comfort and safety by allowing different species to perch side on or facing the food.Versa Perch fits instantly to Ring Pull, New Generation, Classic and Bird Lovers plus virtually any other feeder with a half inch screw thread underneath. Included with the Versa Perch is a base link thumb screw which allow the suspension of another feeder or suet block etc to be hung underneath. The Versa Perch will also allow the use of a tray, which sites between the base link screw and the feeder. The Versa Perch can be used in any position and can even be used upside down to give even more feeding options.[caption id="attachment_3336" align="alignleft" width="150"]Versa Perch for more options for your garden birds Use Versa Perch to give your garden birds more perching options and you will soon see more birds in your garden.[/caption] 

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