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Spring / Summer mix now available

Posted by British Bird Food 12/03/2014 0 Comment(s)
British Bird Food's seasonal range of wild bird food mixes continues to deliver exactly the right nutritional and calorific values for the garden birds of Britain.With Spring just around the corner, your garden birds will be thinking about little else, other that making nests and finding mates. Our Spring / Summer bird food is designed especially to help the birds through the next few months, although it is perfectly alright to feed throughout the year. With suet pellets, mealworms, fruit and kibbled peanuts it has all the fibre, nutrition and energy required, with the addition of a little fine grit, it also helps to keep the birds in fine fettle regarding the laying of strong eggs. As they go through the season some birds will have three broods and the last brood will be weaker than the previous brood so it is helpful to boost the grit content so they have strong egg shells, even on the third brood.As with all of our mixes, you are welcome to a free sample with each seed order you place, just ask us using the comments box during the order process.[caption id="attachment_3176" align="alignleft" width="150"]Spring / Summer mix Spring / Summer mix wild bird food is best for your garden birds at this time of year.[/caption] 

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