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Prevent bird strikes on windows

Posted by British Bird Food 21/02/2014 0 Comment(s)
Its coming to the time of year when the wild birds start to fly straight into glass windows. Several reasons are behind this unfortunate problem we seem to have.During the breeding season the wild birds tend to be a little more focussed on other things than where they are flying, Blackbirds verses Blackbirds, Sparrows watching  for Sparrow Hawks and of course, fledglings learning how to fly, let alone what to look for in terms of see through obstacles. So there are lots of reasons why birds do fly directly into our windows, but not so many ways of preventing them from doing so and coming to harm.The most effective way we have found is the use of ultra violet decals the stick to your glass, these are very effective in terms of what the birds see before them, the birds are more sensitive to ultra violet then us humans, so when they are flying past or towards a window decal they tend to get e flash of UV light and it is enough to steer them away from the window .Window alert decals are designed to last for at least two years and they can be removed for cleaning as they stick with static, so no glue is used and no mess left behind, also you can stick them on the inside of the glass so you can leave the window cleaner to do his job. Ideal for office and tower block windows.Window alert decals are available for British Bird Food for £5.95 for four decals and they come in three designs, Humming bird, butterfly and Maple leaf. Roughly four decals are sufficient for a twin patio door, two decals on each door in the middle at top and bottom.[caption id="attachment_3154" align="alignleft" width="150"] Window alert decals are ultra violet deterrents for bird strikes.[/caption]

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