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Big garden bird watch this weekend

Posted by British Bird Food 24/01/2014 0 Comment(s)
Wild bird watchers everywhere will be out in their gardens this weekend. Join in the fun and help the RSPB count how many birds we have in our country this weekend.The annual garden bird watch takes place this weekend, 25th and 26th January, to take part go to RSPB website and find out how to record the species in your garden and then send the details to the RSPB who will collate all of the observations and let us all know how our favorite garden birds are doing. Judging by thte high sales of Niger seed this year, we think the Goldfinches will have done well, but on the other hand we know that some species have had a really bad year, the Barn Owl for example. So it is really unique to ba able to take part in a svcientific project that proiduces really infuencial informatin for the many interrested parties involverd in wild bird care.When you have counted your garden birds this weekend, you might like to see if you can feed a specific mix of food to encourage the particular favorites you see. Try our Robin and Tit food, or the Blackbird and Thrush food, both will encourage them into your garden.[caption id="attachment_3120" align="alignleft" width="150"]Blackbird and Thrush food from British Bird Food Songbirds love fruit and there is plenty in our Blackbird and Thrush food for them to sing about![/caption][caption id="attachment_3119" align="alignleft" width="150"]Robin and Tit food from British Bird Food Encourage Robins, Tits and Finches with our Robin and Tit food and see your garden come to life with bird song each morning.[/caption]

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