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Sunflower Hearts - £1.42 per Kilo

Posted by British Bird Food 02/12/2013 0 Comment(s)
Sunflower Hearts for birds are a staple part of a balanced diet for your garden bird feeding. British Bird Food are always competitive in the bird feeding marketplace, but right now we are one of the cheapest on the internet, at only £1.42 per kilo.Our sunflower hearts are always top grade bakery standard and you have the choice of a bulk sack for the best price, or the convenience of our exclusive returnable packaging, this comes to you in a cardboard box and our resealable polythene  bags are within the box. You can take them out one at a time and then save the lifting of a heavy sack and also they store easily in a small space.Sunflower hearts contain oil and this is the essential factor for the wild birds. Our sunflower hearts are always selected for a high oil content and our present stock is a good example of this.Sunflower hearts will attract a whole variety of birds including Finches, the Tit family as well as the ground feeding birds such as Robins and Blackbirds.[caption id="attachment_3055" align="alignleft" width="150"]Sunflower hearts fod birds Sunflower hearts are just what the wild bird doctor ordered for this cold weather.[/caption]

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