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Autumn mix is ready now

Posted by British Bird Food 13/09/2013 0 Comment(s)
Autumn mix is good for any time of year,  but right now, as the days get shorter and cooler and the nights longer and colder, the birds in your garden need to gain weight and energy to see them through the next few months in readiness for the winter or their long migration journey.Our Autumn mix bird food is exclusive to British Bird Food and although some other companies have copied the name, there is only one Autumn mix of this quality for your birds and that is from British Bird food.Our Autumn mix bird food  contains lots of the expensive seeds like Sunflower Hearts, fruit and suet pellets and so is rich in energy and nutrients for your garden birds. It can be fed from a tube or tray feeder and the Finches as well as the songbirds will enjoy the variety of fruit and seed mixture, all birds will feast on the suet pellets.Autumn mix for your garden birds

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