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Shop open for local sales

Posted by British Bird Food 06/09/2013 0 Comment(s)
British Bird Food have opened a new shop for the local people of Shropshire to visit and save money on their wild bird food.Situated on the A41 near Newport, BBF have combined the convenience and economy of a market stall with the range and layout of a retail shop, unlike any other situation I can think of.We are selling all the usual wild bird food mixes as well as most of the range of wildlife habitats and nest boxes, bat boxes and deterrents that we supply via our internet business, (which is continuing on as usual).If you are passing, please do call in to have a look around, we are happy to carry to your car, and as it is close to the road, it is almost like a drive through! if you don't want to get out of your car I am sure we can accommodate that too! now how many bird food shops do you know about that can say that?

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