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Insect conservation study centre

Posted by British Bird Food 31/07/2013 0 Comment(s)

The Insect conservation study centre is a purpose built hotel for all things tiny in your garden.

A hotel with five floors - each built with comfort in mind for a myriad of visitors. In the penthouse you find the solar insect attic, with an illuminated chamber to light up the night sky to attract moths. The solar powered light is strong enough to shine the approach for you in the dark to find your insect conservation study centre.Fourth floor holds the over wintering chamber, this provides insulated nooks and crannies for a wide range of insects including butterflies and lacewings to hibernate, ready for the spring time when they emerge into the organic garden and feast on all the nasty aphids and greenfly.Third floor has the big bug inspection cassette, this area has a giant magnifying glass concealed in the front door, so you can have a good look at your guests in their natural habitat. The cassette can be removed completely and replaced with food for the summer months and then you can use the cassette as a separate insect habitat.Second floor is the lacewing chamber, pre-filled with natural straw it provides the ideal habitat for over wintering lacewings. Lacewings eat a fantastic amount of aphids and should be welcome in any garden.First floor houses the solitary bee study chamber. A unique interactive solitary bee chamber that features removable trays for the study of developing solitary bees. Solitary bees do not swarm, are non-aggressive and are safe around children and pets. During spring and summer the Mason bee and the Megachile bee will fill the chambers and in the autumn the bolts at the base can be released to inspect the trays. You can see the cell formation and sometimes predators will be found in the chambers. Once viewed it is best to close the chamber and leave it alone until the bees emerge. Once it has been used the bees will continue to use ti each year, just clean out the trays and the bees will clean the chamber.The solid timber construction of the insect study conservation centre means it can be left out all year round, even in the winter you will be giving the good bugs in your garden a home and you will be able to see them when ¬†they wake form their slumber.[caption id="attachment_2789" align="alignleft" width="150"] Give a home to the good bugs in your garden and in return they will let you watch them up close.[/caption] 

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