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Fact Friday!

Posted by British Bird Food 19/04/2013 0 Comment(s)
Here at British Bird Food we of course have another five interesting facts for you to have a read of on this sunny afternoon. We try our best to seek out interesting facts each week so we hope you enjoy them. Don't forget you can submit your own facts by dropping us an e-mail, so please do if you can contribute to our weekly blog!Did you know... A long time ago Chaffinches were caught for the bird cage trade. You will be pleased to know this was outlawed in 1896.Did you know... Magpie numbers have quadrupled in numbers over the last 35 years in Britain and Ireland.Did you know... The oldest ringed Blackbird found was over 20 years old.Did you know... House Martins are most likely to be found in urban areas.Did you know... Young Goldfinch's lack the red face of the adult Goldfinch. Follow us on Twitter @BritishBirdFood and 'like' us on Facebook.

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