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Help and Advice from British Bird food

Posted by British Bird Food 01/04/2013 0 Comment(s)
Did you know that on our website we have a whole section dedicated to giving you help and advice on feeders, hygiene bathing and more? If you didn't, you must have a read of our Help and Advice section of the website, we try hard to provide you with all the help we think you need when looking after your garden birds. One thing a lot of people ask us is where the best place to position a feeder is, well we have a section dedicated to explaining just this on our website.

Who wouldn't want to attract these feathered beauties in their garden!

We also supply fantastic quality wild bird food with an option to buy in bulk if you would like. Please go to our website for more information.Follow us on Twitter @BritishBirdFood and 'like' us on Facebook.

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