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Fact Friday!

Posted by British Bird Food 02/11/2012 0 Comment(s)
Good afternoon, we hope you are all well. It is Friday once again and so here are this weeks five facts for Friday...Did you know... The size of a Wren is approximately 5-10cm.Did you know... The scientific name for a Blackcap is Sylvia Atricapilla.Did you know... The lifespan of a Sparrowhawk is around 4 years.Did you know... The eggs of a Redpoll are pale blue with pale pink or lilac markings on them.Did you know... The song of a Goldcrest can be easily confused with a Treecreeper. They are very similar.There we have this weeks Fact Friday blog. If you would like more information on our feathered friends, take a look at our Bird of the Month feature on our website.Remember to follow us on Twitter @BritishBirdFood and Facebook for updates on new products and special offers.

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