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Winter is on it's way!

Posted by British Bird Food 22/10/2012 0 Comment(s)
With Winter well and truly on it's way, it is time to start thinking about buying your Winter Mix from British Bird Food. We are very proud of our exclusive blend of bird seed, hand mixed by us, and including a variety of flavoured suet pellets, mealworms and granulated peanuts to give your birds a layer of much needed fat over the Winter.Our Winter Mix is designed to sit alongside our other exclusive blend of hand mixed seed, the Autumn Mix, which includes fruit and no mess seed.Our tailor-made blend of seeds are guaranteed to ensure your feathered friends come back for more over the Winter period. So have a look on our website for details, where you can have the opportunity to order a free sample!The image opposite is of our Winter Mix, and the image below shows our high energy Autumn Mix. 

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