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It's getting colder!...

Posted by British Bird Food 18/09/2012 0 Comment(s)
I'm sure you have all noticed how cold it has gone recently during the early mornings and evenings, we have definitely noticed it here at HQ. It is a good idea to keep Suet Products available for your birds as the high fat content ensures they stay warm during the cold nights and winter months.So we thought we would remind you of all the many Suet products we have available for your feathered friends here at British Bird Food. At the moment on our website, our Giant Suet Balls are on offer, with a fantastic 20% off.  Also available, are Small Suet Balls, Suet Pellets in a variety of flavours for your birds, including as Insect, Peanut, Berry, Apple and Fruit. Can we also remind you that Palm Oil is not used in the making of any of our Suet products.We also have a great range of Suet Blocks available on our website and again they come in lots of varieties, including Insect, Berry, Peanut and Apple.Both our Suet Pellets and our Suet Blocks come in handy variety packs, meaning you can rest assured all your birds will be catered for depending on their taste!If you would like any more information on our Suet Products or indeed any of our other products, do not hesitate to get in contact with us, and there are lots of ways you can do this, including Telephone 0800 121 60 24, e-mailsuet blocks for wild bird food [email protected] or by using Facebook or Twitter @BritishBirdFood. We are always happy to help so get in touch!

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