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7 new products go on sale @britishbirdfood

Posted by British Bird Food 10/05/2012 0 Comment(s)
Bringing you great value always. British Bird Food have put nest boxes on-line at £5.49 an ideal price for multi-purchase for the careful shopper.The bird box is made from FSC timber and has a 32mm entrance hole for Great tits, Sparrows and Nuthatch. The multi nest box is fantastic flexibility to attract many different species to your garden and finally the Robin nest box, joins the superb range of nest boxes we hold in stock for next day delivery. From Robins to Owls, from Squirrels to bats and from Hedgehogs to Frogs! - British Bird Food have a home, habitat, or nest box at the right price. Why, if you want even more entertainment - just add a camera to your nest box and watch everything happen from the comfort of your chair!Feed tray and water bath for pole mounting are also added to the on-line shop at British Bird Food for all your wild bird feeding requirements visit our shop.A brilliant addition is the plastic water drinker, at £4.99 is is well priced to afford many to be purchased and placed around the site. Clean fresh drinking water is an essential part of the wild birds life and one of the basic things to be maintained by us - for them.

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