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Solar gift for the summer garden

Posted by British Bird Food 23/02/2012 0 Comment(s)
The Robin solar light, makes an ideal garden gift for someone special this Easter.At £6.95 this is an excellent value gift for parents, Grandparents, Aunties and Uncles and anyone else that takes an interest in their garden.It's a bit of fun really, the Robin light glows in the dark after it has charged it's batteries all day in the daylight. It will last for several hours at night and looks lovely outside a conservatory or window seat. No wires or installation is required, just push into the ground and watch.Of course if you want to see the wild birds in the garden feeding as well, then you might like to try our Robin and Tit food mix, it has granulated peanuts, Sunflower hearts and mealworms in the mix and so is a natural attractant for the Robin. In fact if you wanted to train him to come to your hand to feed, you might buy a few mealworms as well and then the Robins will get bolder with you and eventually, if you are patient and still, they will come to you and feed out of your hand.If you like the idea of feeding Robins and Tits close up, then take a look at the Observer Window Feeder, a snip at £11.95 and it sticks to your window with suckers that allow you to remove the feeder for cleaning and refilling and leave the suckers in place.As you might imagine, we would recommend you purchase all the items above and you will have a perfect gift pack for someone who loves their garden and garden birds. Happy Easter / Birthday / Mothers Day / Fathers Day ............ The point is made I think! :)

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